Research Proposal and Technical writing

Research studies are gaining an unprecedented focus and attention these days. A researchable area in any academic discipline is an area that has an ample scope to be explored. If the scope in itself poses some potential problems that need to be answered, a research methodology offers solutions for dealing with them effectively. The very path one traverses in search of authentic solutions to a specific academic problem constitutes what we call ‘research’. This research question posed by the researcher and the methodology that he adopts to get solutions is the most valuable part of the research work.

Research is important because it gives direction to deal with a specific problem. Whether the problem is thoroughly solved or not is not the forte of the research work. Accumulating amicable and all the possible solutions hypothetically are in itself considered a commendable achievement. There are many types of researches that are carried out.

1. Governmental researches
2. Educational/Institutional researches
3. Independent researches

We also help and train our students for research and any technical writing. We help them in Statement of Purposes, Master thesis, Master Final year project and in any other technical based research.

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